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About GoSter New York Summer Camps

In New York, NY many people are not able to go to summer camps that actually take place outside. Another great aspect is we have been planning summer camps in New York NY in two decades. In this time we have figured out what works and what doesn’t. Our summer camp is open to all ages and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

  • Our summer camp in New York NY provides a great learning experience for all age groups
  • With our summer camp programs in New York you get the advantage of our Harlem location, which is easier and accessible to everyone in Manhattan
  • Sign up for Fall camps in New York too!
  • On the beautiful grounds of St. John the Divine your son or daughter enjoy full of fun kinds of activities and learning with our summer camp programs in New York City
  • With limited Enrollment we encourage you to call or enroll today to secure your place in the new summer camp program in Manhattan New York
  • You may already know some of the terrific benefits of having your kid join our summer camp programs. But, the experience of others we believe share our story

We have included a number of testimonials and reviews from other parents who have sent their sons and daughters to our summer camp in Manhattan New York and how the outcome was for them.

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Our staff is also fully prepared to help answer any questions you have about what summer camp activities will be part of our SUMMER 2018 program.

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  • Young Preps (Pre-school Division)
  • Preps (1st and 2nd Grade)
  • Voyagers (3rd through 5th Grade)
  • Pioneers (6th through 9th Grade)
  • August 2018 SessionsA
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With any summer camps in New York and Manhattan it is important for you to feel comfortable with the organization working with your children

We have a dedicated staff with proper vetting processes in place for all of our programs and are happy to discuss with you

For questions about start dates for our summer camps and other alternative options available please call us. We are open Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm. We work to help make sure any of your summer camp questions are answered. Our staff works with you to try to create the best summer camp experience New York City can offer.

Our summer camp programs have received National Press Coverage. But, is currently only available to residents in New York. Due to our location in Harlem we are most suitable for people living in Manhattan and the New York City Burroughs.