Why GoSter Summer Camps

What customers are saying about GoSter summer camps in Manhattan

First we set out to try to find our what our customers are looking for in a summer camp in New York NY.  What we found was exciting and interesting and what it means to you may help you determine what summer camp you chose to send your son or daughter to in 2019.  The polls have been cast and the votes are in, the summer camp that wins is a summer camp for you.  But out of the summer camp programs in New York NY only a few soon out.

We wanted to do a review on GoSter Summer Camps in New York NY.  This summer camp program provides all the basics but goes 10 times further.  Not only do they provide summer camp programs for all age groups they are one of our most voted for summer camps in New York NY.
What else, well one of the most requested items is outdoor activities.  Outdoor time and nature is a premium in New York City, and all Manhattanites want their children to get a little more exposure.  Outdoor activities do a few great things.  From burning off excess energy to allowing a child to become more grounded with mother nature.

We found out that a lot of parents really prioritize supervision too. They want to know that their kids are safe. Most summer camps have supervision of course but with lots of kids comes a lot of responsibility. The kids at the summer camp in New York are going to need a lot of structural supervision.  Many of the summer camps with the most counselors ranked better.

Although the rating systems continue to evolve, and every parent is different.  This is a great place to start to learn about summer camp programs in New York NY.